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bulletMud Clients
bullet Player's information pages about Criterion
bullet Source code

Mud clients

A mud client is a piece of software that enhances game play by allowing you to create aliases, record paths as you walk, set triggers to complete tasks, and much more. Here is some info about and links to four of the most popular mud clients:

Zmud - By far the most popular of all mud clients for windows. The link below is for the 32 bit version. If you need 16 bit explore the site for it.   30 day trial (enforced) with one-time registration past that.

Pueblo - Recently open source, this mud client handles graphics and sounds.  It is completely free.

TinTin++ - a popular client for unix/linux users.  It is completely free.

Mushclient - Supports sounds, some graphics, and links.

Tiny Fugue - another popular unix/linux client.

Player's pages

Pages made by the players of Criterion.  Use these pages at your own risk, information on them is not checked for accuracy.

bulletHelp's page. Contains 1000+ items, lots of explanations, a max rent wearable table, and more.
bullet Arshwana's map page.  Contains many maps for Criterion.

Source code

You can download the source code the mud was based on.  You can open it with WinZip, WinRAR, and of course tar/gzip.

Please note that this is NOT what the mud is running, there have been many, many, modifications and improvements to it.  The source code the mud runs on is not released at all, do NOT ask!

No immortal on the mud will help you compile the code; you're on your own.  This is a test of willpower - only the worthy manage to compile the code.  That being said, it should compile fine on most Unix-like environments.