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Chose carefully, your choices are final!  

Please enter the name you wish to be know by.  This name cannot be changed, so make sure you like it.  If the name is already in use, you will be prompted to chose another one.


Please enter a password.  You are discouraged from using  a password someone could easily guess.  Please note that the immortals cannot tell you your password, they can only reset it.  Unlike other muds, the password is not cut off at 8 characters making it more secure.

Please type your password again to confirm:
What race would you like to be? (more information)

Some race combinations work better with some classes. For example, an gnome's +1 wisdom works great for mages, but the -1 dexterity works against thieves.

What sex do you want to be?
(Optional) Your email, for password retrieval. We may also occasionally send notices to you while your account is active.
Which class or classes do you want to be? (more information)

Please note that tri-classes need triple the amount of experience to level, and bi-classes take twice amount of experience to level.

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