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Criterion sports a number of unusual features not found in many other muds.  First, there are special ways to access it:

bulletA graphical version of the mud, with pictures for items and rooms.  You can even check your mud mail or look at a board without logging in!  (You must be a registered user to do so).  It is also possible to do online creation thru the web interface, which is much, much easier than online editors.
bulletA mobile phone version, using SMS.  Most phones can do SMS, inquire from your cellular provider.
bulletFinally, Pueblo can also be used to access the mud to see images and hear sounds.

Criterion also makes the mud come alive with some features to make areas look different every time:

bulletSome mobiles will have different names every time they are created.  The names are always appropriate for the race and sex.
bulletItems with no features are randomized.  Some items are randomized either partially or completely every time they are loaded.

Other features include:

bulletWondering who is online?  Hoping someone will log on?  The mud can send you a message when someone logs on via ICQ or SMS.  You can find more information on using the mud with ICQ.
bulletAn auto-redeemer for players having completed a certain quest.  No need to wait for an immortal to be online!
bulletAn arena, where one player can challenge another to see who is better.  No deaths, and no damaging of items.
bulletA clan system, allowing the leader to purchase additions for his clan, such as additional rooms, special items, clan guards, etc.
bulletA unique elementalist class (not copied from any other mud).  70% of the spells for the elementalist class are unique to the class.
bulletA druid class.  The druid class has a number of unique spells to it.
bulletA repair guy to fix your weapons and armor.
bulletCriterion mud can convert Merc 2.2 areas to its format.  So basically you can use MZF or your favorite offline Merc 2.2 editor and then upload the area to Criterion.
bulletThe CONsider command will actually simulate a combat between you and the mobile.
bulletCity guards will attack aggressive monsters in towns.
bulletCoffee speeds up your attacks.
bulletShocking grasp will stay charged until used, or until a certain amount of the time elapses.
bulletSmarter mobs : they will hunt you if you flee from a fight with them, spell casters will summon help and then summon you for revenge sometimes, spell casters will dispel you, warriors will disarm you, thieves will backstab.
bulletRegeneration rooms so that higher levels will not have to wait 30 minutes before they are fully healed and ready to adventure again! 
bulletPills which have effects when swallowed.
bulletPassdoor - walk thru doors.  Very rare effect.
bulletLure - allows thieves to lure monsters (which normally move) into another room. Uses coins, which are recuperated when the monster is killed.
bulletFence - allows thieves to sell items for cash.
bulletItems other than held items can be light sources - such items are rare however.
bulletDeathtraps are almost non-existent. The existing ones are well advertised. 
bulletFree recall command if you are not carrying or wearing rare items (items that cost rent). This encourages exploring since you can teleport back to your town with a simple command. 
bulletKeep your gear when you die! Only gold and 1 random item are left in the body. 
bulletStatistics go up to 18 (18/100 for strength). No more god-like players with 25 in all stats.
bulletStatistics are meaningful.  What is the point of stats if you can buy your way to all 18?  Are you one of the players that thinks that buying your stats to 18 is a feature?  Shame on you, having all 18 stats makes them completely useless.  Might as well remove them from the game completely.
bulletUnlike other muds, where limited items are limited to a fixed amount, making it impossible for players to get other items, Criterion has a sliding scale, so as an item reaches it's maximum, it becomes harder and harder to find.  This allows people who are desperate for the item to get a copy of it, but still limits it to give it a rarity.  To balance for this feature, items that are not at their maximum do not always show up.