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What is a clan?  A clan is a group of players which share a certain special bond.  Also, most clans will decide to buy a hideout, that can contain some special things.  The clan members may also do some special commands (such as communicate with other members only).  For a complete list, type "help clans" when you are connected.  Clan members also have their clan name listed in their who title.

Clans can be created for 5,000,000 coins, and some reason of existence and forethought will be expected.  A clan that is created just because it sounds cool, and has only it's creator as a member will be denied.  You must be level 50 or higher to create a clan.

If the clan leader is absent (has not logged in) for more than 30 days, a new clan leader can be picked by contacting Belgarath.  If there are multiple lords, an election will be held, otherwise the lone lord will be the new leader.  The new leader must be over level 50, unless none of the higher ranking members are.

Clans have  6 levels of members; the leader is the all-powerful and the lowly plebs have very little power at all.  The clans are organized so the 2nd rank from the top, the lords, have all the powers of the leader so they can manage the clans while the leader is away.  The only power the lords do not have is the ability to demote another leader, or to change leadership.  Emails for things to be done from lords will be accepted; it is up to the leader to discipline his clan members if they do something he / she does not approve of.

Initial hall costs 5,000,000 gold coins, and 25,000 rent (on top of the cost for the clan).   This includes:

bulleta goon room, at the entrance, that prevents non-members from entering with 5  guards is included.  You will want to upgrade the guards.
bulletA bulletin board (note: currently unavailable).
bulletIf you're interested in starting a clan, see What you need to make a hall.
bulletNote - Belgarath reserves the right to augment the base price of the clan if the location chosen is special.  You will be informed if it is.  A clan hall in Midgaard will cost 1,000,000 more, and 100,000 rent more.

Clan Hall upgrades

Cost Rent cost Item
3,500,000 50,000 a treasure chest which keeps it's contents over reboots.  Initially holds 8 pounds.
2,000,000 50,000 upgrade the treasure chest to hold 10 pounds more (max 500 pounds per clan, may be spread over a few chests).
item cost * 500 0 Add an item to the store.  The item must be for sale in another store.  Minimum price of 10000.  Note: A maximum of 5 items can be in stock.  Additional items will only sold once.  If the leader does not specify which items are in stock, the immortal will do his "best guess".
100,000 2000 Regeneration room.  Resting in this room will regenerate more hit points and mana points.
1,000,000 0 5% Shopkeeper price cut (starts at 200%, minimum 105%).
20,000 0 Shopkeepers can see invisible persons.
50,000 2000 Additional rooms, decorated to your liking (leaders can order these with the command "clan addroom").
20,000 0 Existing furniture (list to be determined - but if you see an object somewhere, you can probably get it, if it has no useful properties).
50,000 1000 Custom furniture (including signs that "exist", items you can pick up and move).
50,000 0 Fountain (water only)
0 0 Redecoration of room (if done by leader)
50,000 0 Doors
200,000 0 Secret door (can only be detected with the search skill).  Specify the keyword that opens the door.
50,000 1000 Locked door (with key).
5,000,000+ 1000 A receptionist.  Note the price varies according to the location of the clan, since you're basically adding a receptionist to the area (if only for the clan).
1,000,000 0 Shopkeeper.  Comes with bread.

Goon upgrades

Cost Rent cost Item
500,000 0 Warrior special procedure added to guards.
50,000,000 0 Mage special procedure added to guards.
5,000,000 0 Cleric special procedure added to guards.
- - Thief special procedure: To have a mobile backstab, give them a pointy weapon to wield.  See below.
100 * rent cost 2000 Weapon provided to a guard.  Cost 100 * rent cost of weapon.  You must provide the weapon.  If the weapon is pointy and wielded, the cost is 300 * rent cost of weapon with a minimum of 2M.
5,000,000 0 10% resistance to an element/weapon type (minimum of 50%, per element).  Elements are fire, cold, acid, electricity and energy.
1,000,000 0 immunity to poison.
4,000,000 0 Add one damage (per hit) to the guards.
varies 0 Add 50 hit points to add guards.

Portal destinations

Cost Item
500,000 Portal to Midgaard (most rooms - some exceptions)
5,000,000 Portal to New Thalos
5,000,000 Portal to Mordilinia
500,000,000 Portal to Astral plane (You had to ask.  It's a shortcut to 18 other places, many without any receptions, so it's expensive).
50,000,000 Portal to beginning of Undersea
varies Ask?

What you need to create a clan hall

Before you ask the Immortals to create you a hall, you should have the following ready:

bulletA description for the goon room.  Note the room title must always be something like "Entrance to the <clan name's> clan hall".
bulletA room and a direction to place the clan hall.  Note that the direction must not already exist.
bulletThe cash required (see top).
bulletPreferably, the clan already made, but if you supply a name (max. 11 characters) it can be made then.